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CO2 footprint: 4,92 kg CO2
We save 1,93 kg CO2  (= 4,7 miles trip)
Imper. / Breath: 25k/20k (25 000 mm- 20 000 g / m² /24hrs )

The most advanced fabric engineering made from recycled material.

Lifetime warranty fabric

The ENO 2.0 jacket is currently the most innovative product in outdoor and action sport’s industry. The ENO features a unique construction with bi-density seamless Jacquard fabric, answering body requirements.
These different density zones are located on specific areas, creating body mapping: the density is higher on the shoulders, preventing the abrasion caused by the use of a backpack, while the density is lighter underneath the arms and on the back for a better breathability.
Environmentally speaking, this technology enables to significantly reduce the number of seams and therefore the quantity of seam tapes. The double density technology enables to bring reinforcement where needed, without using extra fabric.
These two innovations lead to a faster, energy-saver sewing process. Using higher density fabric on exposed areas guarantees a longer product life. Finally, the jacket is made of 85% recycled polyester and has a lifetime warranty.
In terms of design, Jacquard loom brings seamless colorblocking without compromising the product’s technicity, it is a revolution.

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